Improve your putting with this simple nine-shot drill

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris are co-authors of the best-selling book The Lost Art Of Putting, so who better to give us a putting drill to try? This time, they show us a drill that involves just nine putts.

‘Just Nine’ putting drill

The principle of Just Nine putting drill is to hit three short putts, three medium putts, and three long putts at random.

The short putts will be between four and six feet, medium putts six to 20 feet, and the long putts more than 20 feet.

Karl Morris Gary Nicol putting drill

The key point to this putting drill is to hit the putts in a random order just like you would do in a typical round of golf.

The par score for this putting drill is 15. You are expected to hole the three short putts and then two-putt the medium and long putts. Give it a try and keep a record of your scores to see how you improve over time.

This drill is a great way to improve your putting out on the course rather than simply hitting hundreds of putts from the same place on the practice green.

Watch the video to see Gary and Karl demonstrate the Just Nine putting drill…