Garmin Approach S4 GPS golf watch

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This innovative new GPS watch allows you to discretely use your phone...

5 Garmin have launched a GPS rangefinder watch that can connect to your mobile phone and let you use it without anyone knowing.

The Approach S4 has everything you need to plot your way around a course – accurate yardages for more than 30,000 courses and a digital scorecard – but comes equipped with a clever feature that allows you to pair it with your phone and receive notifications of text messages and emails.

It therefore means you can leave your phone packed away but still keep abreast of important matters.

Other features include a 10-hour battery, a button that shows the layout of the green you’re playing, and a measure-shot mode that lets you see how far your latest drive went.

“The Approach S4 defines the new top of the range for wearable golf technology,” said Garmin’s Martin Resch.

“The hi-res touchscreen display makes it easier than ever for golfers to stay on top of their game, and the Smart Notification functionality allows them to stay discretely connected while on the course. Plus, the extended battery life allows for a full weekend of golf on one charge. The new Approach S4 will give golfers a real competitive edge on the course.”

The S4 will come in black and white, with optional accessory bands sold separately. Expect to see it in pro shops in late October 2013, with a SRP of £289.99.
Garmin Approach S4 GPS golf watch

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