Game Golf launches free smartphone app

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App enables real-time shot tracking and stat collecting

Game Golf has announced the launch of Game Golf Tracking, its free Android and iOS app. The app enables golfers to track their game in real-time with built-in shot tracking, access accurate club distances and utilize a new GPS-based range finder.

The app provides an aerial view of each hole and the ability to ‘tag’ each shot by selecting the club used.  Golfers will be able to see the greens in regulations, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentage, putts per hole, club distances and more, and can view their platform profile and data on their mobile device or at
The free Game Golf Tracking app allows golfers to see their shot performance in real-time" Being freely available, Game Golf Tracking is also perfect for golfers of any level, including those just starting out on their game improvement journey.

“If you don’t truly understand your game it’s hard to improve,” said John McGuire, Game Golf CEO.

“The free Game Golf Tracking app allows golfers to see their shot performance in real-time, something which many amateur golfers will never have had access to before. It affords all golfers access to the Game Golf platform to gather stats, collect data and share their game with friends, family, coaches and instructors.”

Available: April 2015
SRP: Free on iOS in the App Store or on Android at the Google Play store.

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