If you could hit one shot again - what would you choose?

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How would you use a career mulligan, and where would you most like to see The Open Championship played? The Fourball team discuss this week's questions

Each week, four of the NCG team get together to ask each other the pressing questions. The only rule is the question must be golf related. In this edition, James Savage, Keel Timmins, Alex Perry and Mark Townsend take to the tee to discuss the one mulligan they pine for and much more…

James: What annoys you the most about your own game? I’m constantly tweaking things when it comes to putting – changing my grip, ball position, length of backswing. I almost feel like I’m trying something new or different every time I hit a putt.

Keel: My driving is extremely temperamental. When it’s good, it’s very good. When it’s bad, I basically can’t score. I’ll go with that.

Alex: Either my long game is on song, or my short game is. They never seem to both click during the same round, but are more than happy to both desert me.

Mark: I invariably hit the wrong club due to the fact that I don’t like my 5, gap and lob wedge. I seem to think a wedge will go 130 and the gap is 25 yards shorter, it isn’t. I’m also not a huge fan of my 3-wood off the tee if there’s bund just in front.

In short I talk myself into the wrong club due to my odd suspicions when it’s just a piece of metal with a number on it.

Keel: You’ve been granted special access to the very first invented time machine. What moment in golf history would you most like to go back to and witness first-hand?

Alex: It seems so obvious, but the way Tiger Woods’ chip at The Masters in ‘05 still makes me feel watching on video, imagine how it would have been to see it live. I’d also love to go back to a completely different era – like the 1930s – and just see what golf was like back then.

Mark: Watching Bobby Jones just play golf but particularly follow him around in 1930 when he won the two Opens and two Amateurs. Following that spending a weekend at Turnberry in 1977 or St Andrews in 1984 would have been pretty spectacular.

James: Medinah in 2012 would have been amazing. Just imagine slowly noticing the mood of the home crowd change during the final day and then the absolute scenes at the end. I’m certain I’d have been invited to the after party and everything.

What would you do with a career mulligan, and where would you most like to see The Open Championship played? The answers continue on the next page…

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