Ten years in the making, the latest launch monitor from the Foresight GC range is the perfect addition to your home set-up

Has it really been a decade since Foresight launched the GC2 launch monitor? Next year will see the next generation launched to the market. Interestingly, the GC3 – how did you guess? – will be available at a lower, more affordable price point than its predecessor – though the RRP is yet to be concerned.

Right, so what do we know?

Foresight GC3 launch monitor: First impressions

The new device looks really smart. As always with Foresight products, it has a modern feel and makes a bold statement.

GC3 launch monitor

Foresight GC3 launch monitor: The technology

The GC3 has been designed to fill the gap between Foresight’s original ball data-only GC2 and the full data insight of the GCQuad.

It features a three-camera system that measures both ball and club data inside and outside.

The GC3 will come with the full FSX software platform, performance insight tool, and the FSX mobile app. It will also be available will full simulator options including Foresight’s Sim-in-a-Box range.

GC3 launch monitor

“The GC3 delivers the essential ball and club data players need to reliably improve their game as well as power a true-to-life virtual golf experience. No other product on the market comes close to delivering this range of options – nor this level of indoor/outdoor accuracy – at this price.”

Rick Cuellar, Foresight Sports sales director

The Details

Available: Early 2022


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