EVER thought someone needed to come up with a replacement for standard laces? 

Me neither, but when I tried FootJoy’s new Sport shoe with BOA wires, I was glad they had. 

BOA is a system of wires that grips your foot and is tightened by a twist-dial in the heel. The wires are made from aircraft-grade steel that FootJoy say is, gramme for gramme, stronger than tank armour.

It is clear the fit is unrivalled by normal laces. The foot feels supported at all times and comfort is excellent. Most impressive is the convenience. Untied laces are a total pain. With BOA, you simply twist the heel to tighten and can do it without bending down.

I tested the BOA inside FootJoy’s recently updated Sport shoe, which I found to be not only very well supported and cushioned, but also striking. Very impressive.


SRP: £120 (£110 without BOA)
01480 301 114