FootJoy has reached a milestone in its educational shoe-fitting mission, recently fitting its 1,000th customer. 

The feat was achieved in just nine weeks, as FJ’s brand promotion executives toured the country educating golfers on the benefits of shoe fitting and the signature technologies found throughout the entire FJ range. 

The programme has been designed to ensure consumers and retailers are aware of the increased comfort, performance and overall enjoyment that come with correctly fitted golf shoes.

John Slater, from The Forest of Arden, was the lucky 1,000th customer to be fitted, receiving a bottle of champagne to celebrate the landmark. 

Having previously worn a size 10, John found himself amongst the 67 per cent of people who FJ have identified as wearing the wrong size shoe. 
I am extremely happy to see consumers and retailers getting so involved In John’s case, his correct size was 8.5, illustrating the knowledge gap amongst amateur golfers when it comes to purchasing correctly-fitting footwear. 

Russell Lawes, FJ’s marketing manager said: “It’s great to see that so many golfers are taking the chance to find the shoe size that is best for them. 

“The depth of knowledge that our brand promotion executives possess, as well as the project as a whole, is something that we feel is exclusive to FJ and I am extremely happy to see consumers and retailers getting so involved. 

“With nearly 70 per cent of the golfers that we have fitted wearing the wrong size for them, this commitment to educate is clearly something that is needed for the amateur golfer and we are really glad that we have met that need so successfully thus far. 

“Our statistics show that wearing the wrong size shoe can lead to power loss of up to 26 per cent, which is often overlooked, with hardware companies continually talking about the extra yards that can be gained from purchasing a new driver.”

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