When it comes to popular sports, golf has a conservative reputation. Compared to sports like football or basketball, there’s less kinetic movement and physical contact in golf. Additionally, it takes a while for spectators to understand and appreciate the skill top players bring to the table.

Still, golf requires great athleticism and concentration—and the roster of top pros in the PGA hints that the sport is anything but tame. Intense rivalries between golfers like Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau are on-par with the celebrity of players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. There’s always a new storyline, tournament, and budding prodigy to follow.

But bringing this type of excitement to the golf course takes practice. Even seasoned golfers may feel a bit bored with their usual trip to the greens. Looking to inject a bit of extra excitement while golfing with friends? Try out these five tips.

Make Your Own Rules

A game should always keep a player guessing—whether related to sports or not. For example, a popular game like slots keeps players on their toes with new possibilities at every turn of the reel. The more ways there are to win, the more dynamic the game becomes.

In the case of the Twin Spin slot, players have 243 winning combinations, which keeps them on their toes with each turn. Instead of plodding toward the same result, there’s more nuance and excitement. The same idea can be applied to golf; players can shift the scorecard so there are more potential ways to score points.

Instead of tallying the same scores, create entirely new rules. Start the game with a challenging angle or from under a large tree. Build a unique playoff series for the putting green, which might mean chipping off something other than a tee.

Play Simple

A golf course usually has 18 holes, which can take hours to play. For players not in a rush, this likely isn’t a problem. However, groups looking to add more excitement to their Sunday on the greens can play fewer holes.

With fewer chances for scoring, each hole becomes a battleground. Whether playing nine or 12 holes, changing the number will break golfers out of their usual scoring benchmarks—no need to worry about hitting 40 or 80.

Throw Out the Scorecard Altogether

Golfers tend to be results-based. In fact, the sport’s statistical angle makes it a haven for athletes who want to keep pushing themselves. Down to the most minor club and stance adjustments, golfers can keep wheedling away at their forms forever.

However, this type of mindset can suck the fun out of even the most relaxed trips to the course. Like changing the rules can add new excitement, throwing out the scorecard can take golfers back to a more carefree and basic experience of the game.

Search for Flashy Greens

Weather and environment play a critical role in golf. While some courses are designed to challenge golfers, and others to cater to the general public, some courses focus specifically on nature. This is especially true for top courses in places with natural splendour, like Mexico, Florida, and Portugal.

Sometimes, adding new excitement is as simple as opting for a new course—and especially one that emphasizes its atmosphere. Sure, booking a trip to Monte Rei or Quivira Golf Club is likely out of the question. However, discovering a new course is often just a Google search away. 

Play With Strangers

Public and municipal golf courses sometimes schedule solo golfers with other groups. For introverted golfers, being paired with a stranger might be uncomfortable—at least, at the start. In reality, playing with strangers is one of the most robust ways to learn new techniques, gain experience against other golfers, and have fun.

As a recreational sport, golf is incredibly social. An 18-hole course can take hours to play, which means golfers have plenty of time to gab and compare notes. Golf also tends to attract similar minds. As mentioned above, players tend to be stats-based and focused on details, which also makes meeting like minded strangers on the courses one of the sport’s most unexpected benefits.  


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