Five things to consider when buying a new hybrid

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Our key findings from a day of testing the latest models


Some hybrids were colourful in the bag and behind the ball; others were more subtle in the all-important play position.

Make sure you are comfortable with which works best for your taste.



The ability to tweak your hybrid lofts is a real bonus.

Used properly, these clubs can help you hit certain distances and you also want to create a flight that is right for the shots you use it for.

Being able to adjust the loft can help you dial in the performance. So if you want softer-landing shots, you’ll be amazed at how you can turn your hybrid into a different club by adding a degree or two of loft.

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Maybe you know you are going to be playing for a weekend on windy seaside courses and you want to see a more penetrating flight all you need to do is knock down the loft and you’re in business.



You need to be clear whether your hybrid is predominantly for maximum distance or hitting a precise number when approaching greens.

If both those things are of value then you should definitely consider carrying two hybrids.

In which case, one at around 19Ëš or 20Ëš should be great for tee shots. Pair it up with a 23Ëš or a 24Ëš and use the latter for your approach shots.

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We think you will find you get very different flights of those two clubs and hopefully a nice gap as well.

The added bonus is you are giving yourself more options than you do with long irons hybrids are useful in lots of different situations.



We reckon the club golfer’s best friend is a 24Ëš hybrid. Yet not enough of us carry one.

This is a club that replaces your 4 iron, which has to be a good thing. But unlike a 4 iron, you can use your hybrid from the rough and even bunkers.

The lofted hybrid will pop your ball out of all sorts of unpromising situations, when previously you might have been reaching for an 8 iron.

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They are designed to go up which means you’ll have more chance of hitting a soft-landing shot into the green that won’t run through the back.

They are perfect for those awkward-length par 3s where previously you were reluctantly reaching for a long iron.



Launch monitors are brilliant fitting tools and can help you dial in your numbers and compare one club with the next.

You will also be able to create even gaps between your hybrid and longest iron/fairway wood. By all means use one if you get the chance.

But with clubs like hybrids, you also want to see how they fly because they need to suit your eye.

Only outside can you truly appreciate if the flight is too flat or loopy for the shots you want to play at your home course.

Testing outside will also give you the chance to experiment from some poor lies to ensure your new hybrid is giving you extra options on the course.

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