IF you thought the original RocketBallz fairways were impressive then the RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway woods may well blow you away. Better players ie faster ball speeds can expect to gain another 10 yards with the 2013 version, to go on top of the 17 yards that the original fairways provided.

This is all done courtesy of a thinner and faster face and both the fairways and rescues also incorporate an improved version of the company’s now-famous Speed Pocket design, which also promotes a faster ball speed.

Other than the vast distance gains what you should also is its playability and ease of launch thanks to the clubhead’s lower profile, shallow face and low CG. 

Both the fairways and rescues are available in a tunable ‘Tour’ version and lofts can be adjusted to +/- 1.5˚ to help find the perfect launch. This was not part of the 2012 product. 

Finally the look is topped off with a very aggressive crown and alignment aid.

"Better players ie faster ball speeds can expect to gain another 10 yards" TaylorMade say: “Our team continues to push the innovation envelope in the fairway wood and hybrid categories. This year’s line-up are the best-performing metal woods we have ever developed.” 

The facts – Fairways 

Available: February 1 

SRP: £189

Lofts: 15, 17, 19, 21 and 22˚ 

Shaft: RocketFuel 60 graphite 


SRP: £229

Lofts: 13, 14.5, 16.5 and 18.5˚

Shaft: Matrix RocketFuel 70

Tour TP

SRP: £269


The facts – Hybrids  

Available: February 1

SRP: £149

Lofts: 3-6 (19-28˚); 3-4 left  

Shaft: RocketFuel 65 

Rescue Tour

SRP: £169

Rescue Tour TP

SRP: £189