5 It’s certainly a bold statement to make but Callaway claim the new Big Bertha Irons can make you up to 2 clubs longer. 

With built-in 360 face cup technology Callaway are aiming to welcome golfers to a “new generation of long” by  bringing incredible distance never seen before in an iron. 

They claim the secret to unprecedented distance the 360 face cup which generates ball speed right across the face.

The centre of gravity (CG) is low and forward which allows the club to offer high moment of inertia (MOI) for maximum forgiveness and ball speed. 

Big Bertha irons also feature performance construction, which as the name suggests, is all about maximum performance through the hollow body construction.

This technology will allow for the ball speed normally gained from the centre of the face can now be achieved right across the face.
Could we take fairway wood and hybrid technology and apply it to an iron? The answer was yes we could" Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s head of R&D, explained how they used robots in testing which showed the new Big Bertha 6-iron was getting the same distance as the RAZR XHL 4-iron.

“We were asked to produce a break-through iron,” Hocknell said.

“We looked at how we had done things in the past and came up with a different technique by looking at the face of fairway woods and hybrids and learned about how we could make the face on the iron more flexible.

“Could we take that same technique and apply it to an iron? The answer was yes we could.

“Obviously the iron has a different shape but we were apple to take the same technique and apply it to a two piece iron.

“This cup face technology isn’t just in the long irons it goes right through the whole set so there are substantial distance gains right through the bag.”

Premium shaft options include True Temper Speed Step 80 and a new UST Recoil Graphite Shaft.

Available: 17th October 2014
SRP: 6-SW (7 irons) £899 (graphite) £699 (steel)