In discussion: Are the FedEx Cup play-offs boring or exciting?

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James Tompkinson (JT): I don’t know about you, but I’m really not bothered about the FedEx Cup this year at all.

Joe Whitley (JW): I realise it doesn’t have the prestige or history of the Majors but most of the world’s best players are competing for four consecutive weeks near enough. What else are you going to watch?

JT: Fair point. I just think that we’ve been blessed with some fantastic majors this year along with one-off events like the Solheim Cup, and with the football season back under way I’m not convinced that the FedEx has the appeal this year.

JW: I think if you’re a true golf fan, you will be excited by the high calibre of players on offer and the massive prize up for grabs, which adds to the excitement. I think the whole process does need a bit of work but I genuinely can’t wait. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose and Adam Scott are all in the mix. It’s second to the Majors, obviously, but still hugely entertaining.
Most of the world’s best players are competing for four consecutive weeks near enough. What else are you going to watch? JT: I would never doubt that the calibre of players on show isn’t anything other than exceptional, but I think the format of the FedEx is problematic. Do you not think that exciting events like the Solheim Cup, which showcased matchplay golf at its best, make for better viewing than another set of 72-hole stroke play events?

JW: Course it does, but everyone would start despising matchplay if it was played every week of the year. I think it’s a case of beggars not being choosers. Historically this time of year is pretty boring in the pro game and the FedEx Cup breathes a bit of new life into it, which I appreciate.

JT: I think the idea of having the world’s best golfers playing at this time of year in a meaningful tournament is a good thing, but I just think that putting more stroke play events at the end of the year reduces interest – people have seen it before. There aren’t that many individual matchplay or stroke play/matchplay events around at the moment so I think the FedEx would benefit from a change in course to keep people enthused.

JW: I agree, but does that really mean it won’t be good to watch? Not at all.

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