Check out the split hand drill.

The Golf Shack Academy is on tour as equipment editor James Savage consults our pro, James Whitaker about his swing. The pair find themselves in Reunion Resort, Orlando, Florida; the ideal venue for a thorough fault fixing lesson.


James begins his teaching session by revealing that he struggles to keep the path on the inside to get the ball moving from right to left and tends to hit more of a cut.

Another issue is that as James moves up through the irons, he has a tendency to catch it thin.

After filming James’ swing, the pair review the footage in order to diagnose the issue. Our pro identifies that during the swing, the club goes on the inside and there is a lot of rotation in the arms. The club face remains open and the path is quite steep.

Our pro notices a disconnection between James’ hands and arms and his body. The actions involved in James’ swing all culminate in what is essentially a flop shot.

The split hand drill

Our pro instructs James to put his left hand at the top of the grip and the right hand at the bottom.

Fault fixes split hand

This causes the right arm to fold and the elbow becomes nicely tucked in leading to more of a connection in the swing.

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