For a good few weeks now my golf game has been in decent shape, but one thing that has been letting me down is my iron play.

The general trend is that I have been pulling my iron shots left, and sometimes more than 20 yards. It’s a part of my game that I have no confidence in whatsoever and something I want fixed as soon as possible.

I went down to the Shack to seek the help of Pro and see what he suggests I can do to fix this particular fault.

Ball Position

After speaking to the Pro and showing him a few shots he was very quick to point out my problems. The first of which being the ball position being too far forward in my stance. The Pro suggested to move the ball back into the centre to help distribute the weight more equally.


Straight away the change had a really good effect. Not only was my ball flight a lot better but with my first three hits not one was pulled left.

Alignment sticks

The Pro put a couple of alignment sticks (golf clubs) to make sure my feet and ball positions were both correct. he told me it was essential to use these alignment sticks every time I practice. Not just occasionally, but every time.

He then put an alignment stick 20 yards in front of me in line with the target. This gave me something to focus on and to try and start the ball over that closer target.

Having a closer target to focus on rather than a single one over 150 yards away really made you focus more on where you want your ball to go.

Key points:

  • Have the ball more in the middle of your stance
  • Use alignment sticks to make sure your not aiming away from the target
  • Have a closer target to focus on