In for some serious escape in the laps of Mother Nature or want to try something different? Here’s a list of exotic picks that will leave you relaxed. Ready for a little voyage across the world?

Maui, Hawaii

The scene is a legendary point for surfers, for sure! But the golden crescent bay does not go unnoticed as well. Stretching for 120 miles, Maui is a spot known as the Valley Isle. It offers a view of peaks enveloped in blankets of clouds, bamboo forests and of course, gorgeous sunsets! Whether you land on the silken sands of Kaanapali or the Kaihalulu section of Maui, you will be experiencing a beach like none other!

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Puerto Rico, Caribbean

It would seem like Mother Nature knows how to charm nature lovers in Puerto Rico! If you are smitten by the sight of tropical forests, then this one is for you! Puerto Rico holds the title of being one of the most exotic islands of the Caribbean. Spot tree frogs hopping from bark to bark or snake your way through the bushes of the serpentine jungle. Enjoy the intense dose of wanderlust when you are in Puerto Rico!

Vis, Croatia

The secret is out! The Croatian island of Vis comes with some sort of magic that leaves island lovers in a pure state of amazement. Thanks to the exotic beaches and cliffs of limestone, this gem of a place boasts a secluded cove. Perfect place for someone looking for a break from people! Take a boat to Stinivia, a hidden beach that lies amidst the tall cliffs. You might discover the golden beach that’s nicknamed the best in Europe!


A country blessed with mangroves forests, exotic forests and waterfalls go by the name Fiji. It is an archipelago consisting of over 300 islands, making it a jewel in the South Pacific. The chain of islands comes with 200 protected marine parks. For those who fancy the azure waters to discover the coral homes of fishes, Fiji will leave no stone unturned in matching your expectations. Rare iguanas and various species of turtles call Fiji their home!


Do you like to move it, move it? The home of King Julien of the lemurs is still a country to consider if you want to see a range of endemic species! Madagascar is like the country to otherworldly creatures with Eden-like settings. Here, Mother Nature and loads of her pets like Bamboo Lemurs, Fossa, Fanaloka and of course, the eerie Aye Aye reside in perfect harmony. At least, they are supposed to! Unless they are up for the feast of crocodiles.

Which of these places are you going to visit this year?