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Track and set up your own tournaments with friends using this app

The golf mobile application market is reaching saturation, with a few stand-out candidates worth your time and effort.

This leads us the the VPar golf scoring app – a great tool for helping you track your progress when you are out on course.

Vpar comes bundled with data on over 30,000 worldwide courses with full hole overview – using Google maps images you can rest assured that these course maps are accurate and up-to-date.


The application had no problem finding courses we played on – and even has local weather information so you can be prepared long before you play – an excellent addition.

For those looking for statistics – Vpar offers a wealth of information on your driving accuracy, putts per round and greens in regulation – so you can fully understand your golf.

The tournament mode offers golf clubs the ability to broadcast live leaderboards in the clubhouse – a great atmosphere builder – although we’ve yet to see this implemented at our local clubs. This could be a game-changing feature if it catches on.

Vpar is slick – with all courses being verified – you can contact, review and challenge fellow members all from one place.

Whilst not essential – Vpar is one of the best leaderboard and statistic tracking apps we have ever tested. Give it try.
What we liked

  • The ability to create tournaments to compete with friends
  • The hole overview features – includes 30,000 worldwide courses
  • Having access to the application on both Android and iOS devices
  • Weather information built into the app
  • Online scorecards to compare your round
  • App is free – but additional features are available via in-app purchase (£6.99)

What we didn’t like

  • Iin-app purchases may put players off (£6.99 for full access)
  • Forgetting to put scores into the app

Final thoughts

For the price of a couple of premium golf balls, the full Vpar experience is well worth the admission price. We loved the ability to set up our own tournaments and keep track of each others progress (despite spotty mobile reception at our local course). 

A very intuitive app, this offers even tech novices a great way of keeping round scores and as far as we are concerned much easier than looking for a pencil and/or losing your scorecard mid-round.

Whilst not essential to your game – this application enhances it enough to make it a worthy addition. 

Highly recommended.

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