The new UltiSoft marks the Srixon’s first new two-piece model in eight years.

That’s no surprise seeing as their AD333 has been the UK’s best-selling two-piece ball for some time.

UltiSoft marks the start of a new category for the brand with a ball they say is their softest ever.


With a compression of 40, UltiSoft is one of the softest balls available on the market.

Designed specifically for golfers with low to mid swing speeds, UltiSoft’s low-compression core delivers an incredibly soft feel but maintains maximum initial ball speed.

The UltiSoft category represents over two years in extensive research and testing to produce a golf ball that helps golfers with lower swing speeds achieve maximum distance and even softer feel, commented Ben Davis, Brand/Marketing Manager – Srixon Sports Europe.

Our proprietary E.G.G. core allows us to make a ball with lower compression that feels softer, but still maintains maximum initial velocity.

Generally speaking low compression means low initial velocity; however, our Proprietary E.G.G. technology has been improved based on material and structural development and made it possible to maintain repulsion and lower compression at the same time, ensuring neither feel nor distance is compromised, added Davis.

Available: March 2016
SRP: £32 per dozen

AD333 Tour

The new three-piece AD333 Tour has been designed for golfers who don’t possess tour-level swing speed, but want the precision of a tour-level ball.

There’s a softer core and the same super-thin, SpinSkin cover as the Z-Star.


The softer compression creates a higher launch and lower spin which ultimately delivers longer distance .

The second generation SpinSkin technology and a super-soft, super-thin urethane cover also combine to create more advanced short game performance around the greens.

Available: March 2016
SRP: £36 per dozen