Powakaddy have launched the Touch trolley which goes as you touch the handle and start walking then changes pace as you do.

If you struggle to control the speed of an electric trolley and don’t need complicated gadgets and displays then the Powakaddy Touch could be ideal for you.

To operate, the Touch only requires the golfer to rest their hand on the grip and start walking.

Powakaddy touch handle

It then changes pace with the golfer’s movements, maintains the same speed if the hand is removed and comes to a standstill when the golfer holds the handle and stops walking.

All the technology is out of sight and mind with a simple LED display that turns green when the trolley is moving and red once it has stopped.

The Touch is all about simplicity. Powakaddy say you can think of it more like an intuitive motorised push-cart.

Powakaddy touch folded

“It provides golfers with one of the easiest control functions ever seen,” said R&D manager Andy Thompson. “It simplifies controlling speed allowing golfers to concentrate on their game. A significant amount of work has been done to ensure it performs on all terrains.”

It features sporty, quick-release wheels with a stylish yellow trim and is available in a black or white chassis with a simple three-way folding mechanism.

A USB port charges phones and GPS devices.


The Touch is available with Powakaddy’s Plug’n’Play 18 or 36-hole Lithium batteries.
Prices from: £399.99 (standard battery), £549.99 (Lithium), £599.99 (Extended Lithium) –

More at powakaddy.co.uk