We tested and reviewed the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley at Moor Allerton in Leeds. It’s quite a hilly golf course so was the ideal location to put the trolley through its paces.

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First impressions of the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

When I took it out of the box there were lots of similarities with the Powakaddy Freeway range. Similar colours, wheels and styling along with the same handy mechanisms for assembling and folding the trolley away.

Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

The way it all clips into place when folded makes it very easy for transporting.

Weight-wise it seems very similar to all the trollies in this category. I wouldn’t describe it as light but it is in no way heavier than the other Powakaddy, Motocaddy or any other brand’s electric trolley.

We tested it out with Powakaddy’s 18-hole lithium battery which the brand say is the thinnest on the market.

Technology on the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

The exciting new technology on the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley is the way it actually operates.

Switch it on underneath the handle and a circle of red lights appears. Hold the handle, start walking, the lights goes green and the motor starts.

Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

The trolley will then move at your pace until you stop walking while holding the handle.

If you’re feeling like a maverick you can even let go of the handle and the trolley will continue at whatever pace it is travelling. It couldn’t be any simpler to operate. Powakaddy say you can treat it like a motorised push cart – all of the technology is out of sight and mind to avoid any distractions from your golf.

There’s also the plug n’ play battery system, as featured in all Powakaddy golf trollies, which is a real bonus.

It couldn’t be easier to pop the battery in and out. It’s great the way the trolley folds away with the battery still in place.

Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

You do need to remember to switch the battery off though before folding away and putting in your car. But it only takes a matter of seconds to do this.

How does the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley perform?

I have to say it did take me a while to get used to the Touch ’n go system. But after a little while I soon got the hang of it.

I had a tendency to push the trolley to get it moving and that often resulted in it shooting off on you bit. To slow it down I found myself pulling the trolley towards myself which resulted in an abrupt halt.

The trick is to have soft hands and try to just walk while holding it rather than trying to exert to much force. If you just hold the handle and walk – the trolley will then do what it is supposed to.

I must be a bit heavy-handed but I soon got to grips with it.

Once you do get the hang of it, the performance is fantastic and it’s good fun to play with.

It goes up hill with no bother at all and always feels really solid and sturdy.

I’d recommend going for a Powakaddy cart bag to get the most out of the lock system on the base – some other cart bags may fit on snuggly as well but the Powakaddy bags slide on perfectly.

I’ve used this trolley with a stand bag and a cart bag and the latter works much better. That said, the stand bag still stayed in place with the handy adjustable bag straps.

Overall verdict on the Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

This is a user-friendly product that will suit a lot of golfers.

I don’t use a trolley, I prefer to carry because I feel I’m fit enough to do so and I don’t like to add any extra hassle to my golf.

But with a trolley like this there really is no hassle or distraction.

The trolley has all the hallmarks of the Powakaddy range – well built, intuitive technology, ease of use and stylish looks.

Powakaddy Touch golf trolley

Like with many electric trollies on the market, I think some sort of a footbrake would be good for when you are stopped on a hill. You have to make sure you park it at the right angle to make sure it doesn’t roll away.

Maybe you’re moving from a push cart to an electric trolley? If so the Powakaddy Touch is a superb option.

If you don’t want the hassle of playing around with a screen display or even a speed dial then this trolley could be right up your street.

SRP: £399 (18-hole lead acid)
£549.99 (18-hole lithium)
£599.99 (36-hole lithium)

For more details visit the Powakaddy website HERE