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We sent three readers to Forest of Arden to test and review the premium Ping Tour Eye waterproof suit

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As our three readers arrived at Forest of Arden, the skies were dull and threatening.

You wouldn’t have taken the chance that it wasn’t going to chuck it down.


As it happened, the rain stayed away.

We’d already worn the new Ping Tour Eye suit in heavy rain so could vouch for its performance in extreme conditions.

*To view the results from the NCG 2015 waterproofs test CLICK HERE*

So would wearing the suit for the entire 18 holes hamper our trio?


We’ll let them speak for themselves but it proved a waterproof suit doesn’t need to be packed away when the rain stops.

And you can even keep it on for a pint in the clubhouse afterwards.

*For full technical details on the suit CLICK HERE*



Brian Dewhurst
Handicap: 7
Club: Manchester GC

First impressions:  It had a really nice soft and lightweight feel. It struck me as something that could be worn in windy conditions as well as when was raining because it was so light and flexible.

Performance: I really liked the draw string on the actual jacket itself which wasn’t flapping about at all and you could have it as tight of as loose as you need it. I was especially impressed with the long zip on the bottom of the trousers. It was really handy as you didn’t struggle at all  to get your foot through which is the last thing you need when it starts raining on the golf course.

John Barclay
Club: Manchester GC

First impressions:  When I first put it on I couldn’t get over how light it was.

Performance:  During the round, it was superb. The suit was really comfortable and caused no problems whatsoever when swinging a golf club. It didn’t hang or bunch up where you didn’t want it to. It’s a huge step away from baggy waterproofs that I’ve had in the past. I really liked the nice deep pockets with zips that were the right way round for a change! I would like belt loops on the trousers but that’s just a personal thing for me.

Keith Hough
Club:Manchester GC

First impressions: I was really impressed when I first put it on. You could tell that the quality of the manufacturing and design was first class.

Performance: After four or five holes, I forgot I even had it one because it was that lightweight. Even though the weather ended up being quite good on the day, the performance was still excellent. I wore it the following day at my home course – it was very wet, cold and extremely wind. The suit survived an extreme test and I can honestly say it passed with flying colours. I examined my layers after and I was completely dry underneath.

SRP: Jacket £200 (full or half-zip), trousers £150.

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