5 The construction features a super-soft urethane cover and Srixon’s proprietary coating, Spin Skin Technology, offering even greater control and spin on approaches with a superior soft feel thanks to a blended highly-resilient soft mid layer.

The Spin Skin coating improves friction between ball and club surface by as much as 20 per cent for added feel and control on crucial scoring shots, especially partial wedge shots from greenside rough.

A soft mid layer combined with the advanced 344 dimple pattern also helps to promote low driver spin and high iron spin, generating a consistent, penetrating flight and unyielding performance in the wind.

Distance is enhanced further with Srixon’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core technology, giving the core a firmer outer region, which becomes progressively softer towards the centre.

This core structure creates explosive ball speed off the tee with reduced spin for maximum distance.

SRP: £36 per dozen. 
Available: March 1
Srixon AD333 Tour balls

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

PGA Catalunya Stadium PGA Catalunya Stadium

The NCG Top 100s Tour is heading to Europe for a multi-day event at PGA Catalunya. Prices start at £799 per golfer.


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