Equipment news: Free balls with new SkyCaddie GPS handset

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Get a dozen Bridgestone Golf balls with the new SkyCaddie Touch GPS handset

SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie rangefinders, will give a dozen Bridgestone Golf balls to all UK buyers of the new SkyCaddie Touch GPS handset.

A box of 12 Bridgestone Golf Tour B330-RX golf balls worth £47.99 will be attached to each SkyCaddie Touch in the UK in special wrap packaging, for a limited period after the Touch arrives in the UK this April.

In addition SkyCaddie customers in the UK who buy a Double Eagle annual membership for their SkyCaddie will also receive a dozen Bridgestone Golf e6 golf balls during the promotional period.

“The opportunity to partner with SkyCaddie is fitting as we both deliver premium, high performance products for the end user” said Steve Kettlewell, Managing Director of Bridgestone Golf UK. 

“Even more important is that both SkyCaddie and Bridgestone take into account the needs of golfers when developing products. For Bridgestone Golf it is about finding the best ball for individual golfers, and for SkyCaddie it is about providing the most accurate course information with no compromises or shortcuts when it comes to distance.”

Jacqui Surman from SkyGolf added: “This joint promotion creates the perfect WIN-WIN-WIN situation – for SkyCaddie, for Bridgestone Golf, and most importantly for SkyCaddie Double Eagle members and buyers of the new Touch.

“With this promotion we can offer amazing value to our customers, while Bridgestone Golf gets UK golf’s key influencers using their brand. Plus, our own members get to use a great golf ball while offsetting the cost of the only membership in golf which provides the most accurate, up-to-date and reliable course information”.

SkyCaddie’s features-packed Touch features a glove-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-read touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity which enables golfers to download the latest course updates ‘OnDemand’ when coupled with the free smartphone app.

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