Equipment news: Expanded range from Sundog Eyewear

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Sundog, who are one of the only companies offering specialist golf eyewear, has expanded its range.

5 Sundog Eyewear has expanded its range of Mela-Lens glasses to more than 20 models to offer improved vision and reduced eye fatigue for performance-seeking golfers.

The Mela-Lens technology incorporates synthesized melanin to filter out 98 per cent of ‘Blue’ light, which creates veiled glare in the eye, as well as fatigue. 

The lens also provides golfers with complete protection from Ultraviolet A, B, and C light to help avoid long-term damage to their eyes.

Sundog – which is celebrating its 30-year anniversary – is currently the brand of choice for Paula Creamer who has her own Sundog collection headlined by the Freestyle and Bravo models .  
“This breakthrough technology relieves the eyes of fatigue and can even improve alertness and energy levels on the course,” said brand manager for Europe Matthew Hazelden. 

“Through filtrating the ‘Blue’ light rather than completely blocking it out, the Mela-Lens technology maintains a colour balance to provide natural protection for the eyes and surrounding skin area.

“The lens construction minimises colour distortion and sharpens the definition of details, so golfers will be able to see more clearly what’s in front of them.”

The Laser model boasts a stylish and lightweight MaxFlex Rilsan frame with open-bottom lenses for both performance and comfort. 

The Laser sunglasses carry a SRP of £69.99 and come with a complimentary pouch.

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