First impressions

I’d say this is FootJoy’s most striking launch to date and last year’s HyperFlex were pretty loud.

I was 50:50 before putting them on but once I had them on my feet, I was 100% sold on both looks and comfort.

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A few people in the office who had turned their noses up on first viewing also came around when they actually saw them on.

They feel incredibly light with really soft, snug cushioning under the heel, around the ankle and tongue.

Although I wouldn’t class FreeStyle as spikeless, the soft spikes are so soft that they can easily be worn off the course without causing any problems.

They are available in a BOA option but the fluorescent laces were completing the package for me.


The Tech

But in a nutshell:

– Inspired by the Red-eyed Tree Frog for the way they can get superb traction on any surface.

– Helps golfers achieve the same whether on up-hill, down-hill or side-hill lies.


– Created to be FootJoy’s most mobile shoes to date by removing the internal shank and adding flexzone technology. This mobility will allow golfers to move freely through the swing and gain more power.

– Some golfers may prefer a rock-solid base with little or no movement but FreeStyle is for the mobile golfer

– For more details on the technology CLICK HERE

NCG Verdict

So what we are seeing here is another move by FootJoy towards the younger, cutting edge section of the golf market.

It’s a trend which started a couple of years ago with the launch of DNA and continued last year with HyperFlex.

These are shoes which on face value will appeal to those who are “young at heart” shall we say as I’ve seen plenty of golfers aged 55+ rocking DNA and HyperFlex.


I’m a fan of DNA and HyperFlex but FreeStyle would be my preference now as they are lighter and more comfortable.

I want that trainer feel and while HyperFlex has superb performance, they are a bit heavier and bulkier.

So before I’d even hit a golf ball, FreeStyle were ticking lots of boxes for me.

Now as some of you will know, balance is not my strong point so I was a little worried about falling all over the place with too much movement.

But after hitting a few shots, I still felt like I was nicely rooted to the ground with good traction.


That’s the beauty of FreeStyle for me because I do like to try and turn my whole body through the swing so it allows me that movement but keeps my feet firmly on the floor.

After 18 holes my feet didn’t feel fatigued at all and I had plenty of holes left in me.

FootJoy admitted to me that they didn’t set out to make FreeStyle their most comfortable shoe to date but by doing things like removing the internal shank and making them so flexible it almost came about by accident.

As I’ve stated already, I’m sold on the Navy, Orange, Lime colour combo as I feel it can liven up even the dullest outfit. With a pair of Navy trousers, I think they look the business.

There are other colours to choose from which are still lively but a bit quieter than the “hero” launch option.


FreeStyle may not be for everyone as some may want something a bit heavier to give them a more stable base.

But you will struggle to find a more comfortable golf shoe that still offers superb traction.