FootJoy have been pushing the boundaries in terms of looks and performance in their last two big shoe releases.

Two years ago they introduced DNA (DryJoys Next Advancement) which have been a huge success by blending sleek athletic looks with cutting-edge technology.

Last year we had HyperFlex which marked a real shift towards the trainer section of the market and was possibly their most striking shoe to date with a look inspired by the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston.

REVIEWED: FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoes

But if HyperFlex was a head-turner then the new Freestyle shoes may leave some people’s jaws on the floor.


However, as with HyperFlex, the featured launch colour is the loudest.

We’ve been testing the Navy/Orange/Lime version which has been featured in the promotional material but, as with HyperFlex, they come in some quieter options as well.


As always with FootJoy though this isn’t just a new shoe for new’s sake. It’s not a case of trying to shock you with jazzy colours and bold designs.

There’s a really cool story behind FreeStyle and there’s brand new technology designed to help golfers out on the golf course.

FreeStyle was inspired by the Red Eye Tree Frog, native to the South American rainforest,  which has suction-like cups on its feet that allow it to maintain traction and control across virtually any surface.


So how does that relate to a golf shoe? Well, FootJoy say FreeStyle will allow golfers to maintain traction and control on an uphill lie, sidehill lie or any kind of lie that they might face on the golf course.

But most importantly they say FreeStyle will allow golfers to move more freely through the golf swing and gain more power.

FootJoy told us this is their most mobile shoe ever but could also be their most comfortable. That’s a very big shout from the market leading brand.

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They are extremely light and will definitely appeal to those who like a trainer feel” Sounds great doesn’t it? But what is the technology that makes all of this possible?

– The outsole features something FootJoy are calling FROGS technology (FJ’s revolutionary outsole grip system). This includes a super-flexible outsole with a softer feel with extra grip around the heel front of the toe area, under and around the balls of the feet.


– The outer also features new translucent cleats for added traction.

– The midsole has new fine-tune foam cushioning (FTFTM 3.0) which is FootJoy’s softest and most comfortable to date.

– New midsole compound and design allows for greater flexibility while no internal shank  (the shank is usually part of the structure between the insole and outsole) encourages maximum freedom of movement.


– The upper has technology to keep the foot securely in place which can be enhanced further with the BOA lacing option.

My home golf course has been closed since before Christmas so I haven’t had the chance to test FreeStyle out properly during a round of golf.

I have worn them a few times at the driving range (and around the office…) and have been hugely impressed so far.

They are extremely light and will definitely appeal to those who like a trainer feel.


I’ve been wearing HyperFlex on the course for sometime now as I really appreciate the stability they give me.

But I think, particularly as the weather improves, I’ll be switching to FreeStyle very soon.

The slight downside for me on HyperFlex is they are a tad chunky. With FreeStyle I feel a bit lighter of foot but still get that superb traction which I badly need.

FreeStyle has definitely taken it up a notch when it comes to comfort too. They are the sort of golf shoes you just want to keep on all the time.

Come back soon for our full review!

To read our exclusive Q&A interview with FreeStyle designers and developers *CLICK HERE*



Grey/Navy/Berry (Boa)

SRP: £135/£150 BOA

Available: March 2016