First impressions of the Ecco Cage

These don’t look too dissimilar to the Biom G2 but attention is immediately drawn to the Cage around the heel and at the front of the toe.

The materials feel ultra-premium as soon as you take them out of the box and this is only magnified once you get them on your feet.

We’ve already come to expect superior comfort levels with Ecco golf shoes and the Cage are no exception. Once you slip them on it feels like they mould to the shape of your feet.

There’s also a padded tongue which adds to the comfort as you tie up the laces. Even the quality of the laces feels premium.

I opted for the black and grey option which is the most-understated of the colours available.

Ecco Cage golf shoes

This was mainly due to the fact of it being winter when I ordered them. I’d probably go for the white and blue option for the summer.

Saying that, the leather used by Ecco in their waterproof golf shoes is very easy to clean so it shouldn’t make much of a difference either way.

The technology

So what is the theory behind the Cage and what does it do? Well, I spoke to global marketing manager Rebekka Schlippe who explained how the Cage is all about offering golfers extra stability through the golf swing.

The Cage actually wraps around the heel to keep it in place and promote better balance. This was music to my ears as I have a habit of being a bit wobbly in my follow-through.

Ecco also say due to the fact your heel is a bit more ‘locked in’ to the shoe, it allows them to offer a bit more room around the toe area. Our feet swell up as they get hot so benefit from a bit more breathing space. The laces don’t need to be tied so tightly either, Ecco say.

How do Ecco make the Cage and all their golf shoes so comfortable? They scanned over 2,500 athletes feet to create moulds and inject the sole material in a liquid state and this liquid moulds to the upper part of the shoe. The materials used are also very flexible and lightweight.

Performance/NCG verdict

Before I had gone anywhere near a golf course or a driving range the Cage were already ticking a lot of boxes.

Extremely comfortable, stylish with a highly premium feel. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference and the way your foot nestles into the shoe as you do up the laces makes you feel like this is a premium product.

I first tried the Cage out at the driving range and could instantly feel the benefits of the stability cage. It felt like someone was holding my heels in place through the golf swing and I was nicely rooted to the ground.

On the golf course, I enjoyed similar benefits.

Ecco Cage golf shoes

For me, the Ecco Biom 2 Hybrids are up there with the most comfortable shoes around and while the Cage were extremely comfortable they don’t quite reach these levels.

But in order for the Cage to do its job, the shoes need to be a little bit firmer around the heel.

I’d still happily play 36 holes in these shoes without any issues at all. They seem to provide support and cushioning in all the right places and offer excellent traction with the eight strategically placed Champ Slim-Lock soft spikes.

After playing three rounds in these shoes, in fairly wet and muddy conditions, they still look and feel brand new. A quick spray or wipe after your around and any mud just seems to fall off.

There’s a 12-month waterproof guarantee but I’d be amazed if this was ever needed.

Overall, the Ecco Cage is a superb golf shoe that really should be considered by the serious golfer. They are not cheap at £170 but they are a very premium product and you get what you pay for.

They will last a long time and offer superb comfort with every round.

If you’re someone who has balance or stability issues then the Cage can give you a bit of extra help.

Don’t be fooled into thinking they will improve your golf swing or be a substitute for some golf lessons though.

If you’ve never tried Ecco golf shoes before then the Cage are a great reason to change that. You won’t be disappointed.

SRP: £170

For more visit the Ecco website