We tested the Benross HTX Type-R driver out on the practice field at Moor Allerton using our SkyTrak launch monitor to gather data.

Conditions were windy and we were using non-premium balls.

We know Benross make golf equipment at very friendly prices but how does the performance compare to some of the more expensive drivers on the market.

Myself (17-handicap) and staff writer Craig Middleton (18-handicap) put the new HTX Type-R driver through its paces.

First impressions of the Benross HTX Type-R driver

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Benross previously had the Max, Hot and Rip Speed range which were aimed at the high, mid and low handicappers.

They have now simplified things this year by simply having HTX or HTX Type-R with their drivers and their irons.

Type-R products have a bit more technology and are a bit more expensive so it’s more a question of budget rather than ability when deciding on which one to go for.

We tested out the Type-R driver which looks packed with tech.

There’s a premium Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip so top-quality components at a very friendly £179.99. The regular HTX is £129.99.

Benross HTX Type-R driver

It’s a classic head shape at address with an almost metallic black finish and the same, slightly large, alignment aid we’ve seen on previous Benross drivers.

Technology in the Benross HTX Type-R driver

Benross say the HTX Type-R driver is their most advanced to date.

There’s a super-thin crown which allows weight to be distributed to keep the centre of gravity low and forwards for a low-spinning, penetrating ball flight.

Behind the face there’s what Benross call the CT Response Channel maximises ball speed off the face.

Performance of the Benross HTX Type-R driver

We were keen to see if there was any noticeable difference in the performance of this driver compared to some of the more expensive models on the market.

When paying more than £100 less, surely you’d expect that to be reflected in the performance?

Well we couldn’t find any fault and the numbers were more than competitive with the bigger brands’ products.

I’d expect to get ball speeds of around 140mph with my swing speed and the HTX Type-R was reaching that, resulting in distances of around 240 yards.

They are the numbers I’d be happy with when using any driver on the market.

There’s also a nice high pitched sound off the face. It doesn’t feel as sweet as some but it has a lovely sound when you hit it out of the middle.

Overall verdict on the Benross HTX Type-R driver

Benross’ commitment to provide top-quality golf equipment at reasonable prices need to be commended.

We like the looks, we like the performance, we like the price.

What really strikes me is the quality of the shafts available – the same shafts as in drivers which cost nearly £200 more.

Is the Benross HTX driver better than the higher price models? I wouldn’t say so but it certainly competes strongly against them.

So if budget is a factor for you, what are you waiting for? Don’t be snobby, give Benross a try.


SRP: £179.99

Stock shaft: KuroKage Silver TiNi

Visit the Benross website HERE