We tested the Benross HTX irons out on the practice ground at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

Conditions were windy and we were using non-premium balls. We monitored the data using a SkyTrak launch monitor.

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First impressions of the Benross HTX irons

We’re got two irons here – HTX and HTX Type-R. If you want a bit more technology and a slightly classier look and are prepared to pay a little bit more money then the Type-R will be for you.

Benross HTX irons Type-R

Benross have moved away from their Max, Hot, Rip ranges which we’ve seem over the past few years and made things a lot simpler.

They aren’t trying to pigeon-hole their irons based on ability. I think both these irons will appeal to a wide-range of golfers.

The HTX Type-R has a shinny chrome finish whereas the regular HTX are more of a brushed chrome finish.

At address, they look very similar in terms of the thickness of the top-line.

Benross HTX

Benross HTX irons

Benross HTX Type-R

Benross HTX Type-R

Technology in the Benross HTX Type-R irons

The Type-R have a bit more technology going on with a heat-treated cup face for faster ball speeds and improved carry distance. Benross say the performance of the HTX Type-R is the best yet from any Benross iron.

The standard HTX have what Benross call a torsion bar behind the face which improves MOI (resistance to twisting) and stability. This offers a bit more forgiveness so the mid-higher handicapper may be better suited to this version.

Premium shafts are available with each iron. The models we tested had the KBS Tour 90 shafts in.

Performance of the Benross HTX irons

Just touching on the price first, the HTX are available 5-SW for £299.99 and the HTX Type-R come in at £379.99.

So we are talking a good couple of hundred pounds less than what you might pay elsewhere.

So does the performance suffer as a result? Categorically, no. These irons can compete with the market-leading brands in terms of ball speed and distance numbers.

We were getting the same 7-iron numbers with these as we were with some of the bigger brands. Ball speeds of 105-110mph averaging out at about 150 yards of distance.

You don’t notice a drop in performance, they look sound and feel good too.

Overall verdict on the Benross HTX irons

It does make you wonder how Benross are able to offer quality products at non-premium prices. The grips and shafts are premium so they aren’t cutting corners there.

However it’s done, Benross deserve a lot of credit for making quality equipment at affordable prices.

Both these irons performed really well and we struggled to find any negative aspects.

Take our word for it, or give them a try and find out for yourselves.


SRP: HTX £299.99 (5-SW), HTX Type-R £379.99

For more visit the Benross website HERE