In a letter to clubs and golfers, England Golf chief executive Jeremy Tomlinson addressed the growing speculation as to when the sport would be allowed to restart

England Golf chief executive Jeremy Tomlinson has urged golfers and clubs to “remain realistic about where we are on the road back” as speculation continues about when the sport may return.

In a letter published through England Golf’s website, he explained it was for the Government to decide the next steps on when courses would be able to reopen.

Tomlinson said the focus had shifted from the frequently-asked question to him and his team of ‘why are courses closed?’ to ‘when will they reopen?’ – something he explained was “a huge change of mindset”.

But he stressed any safe return had to be “responsibly planned” and cited the publication of the ‘Stay Safe, Play Safe’ framework, the case that had been put to government in partnership with the R&A, PGA and wider golf industry, and the future emphasis on health and safety.

Noting the decision of the Irish government to allow golf to restart on May 18, Tomlinson addressed the expectation levels and said: “I want to be clear on this.

“We will always champion golf’s cause, but have supported and will continue to support government when it comes to how best to preserve life during the pandemic.

England Golf

“The Republic of Ireland government has allowed a return to golf on May 18, which of course heightens expectation levels here in England as well as the rest of the UK.

“We wish our Irish colleagues well and will doubtless learn from them as we continue to do so from other European countries who are playing again.

“But let’s keep our faith in our own journey and remain realistic about where we are on the road back.

“We are, hopefully, moving towards some sort of lockdown easing that our Prime Minister may announce this coming Sunday.

“If scientific evidence and other expert advice continues to be more positive in our nation’s fight against the virus then maybe the light at the end of the tunnel will brighten.

“The safe return of playing golf will be incredibly important for the physical and mental well-being of millions of golfers.

“Let’s see this period of lockdown through together and then restart the playing of our beautiful game with the same passion, integrity and character we have always shown.”

You can read the full letter on England Golf’s website.

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