East Midlands: Kenwick couple in antiques face-off

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Staff from Lincolnshire course appear on Bargain Hunt.

A married couple who both work at a Lincolnshire club battled against each other on an antiques television programme last week.

Head green keeper Simon Lidgard of Kenwick Park and colleague Lewis Hackett secured a place on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt and when he told his wife, Diana, she decided to apply as well.

Teaming up with Kenwick Park member Di Everett, the two teams discovered they were to face off against each other, meaning the married couple would go head-to-head.

Diana Lidgard said: “Being on Bargain Hunt was great fun. The experts were super and they made us feel at home.

‘It was a great experience’ “There was a bit of gentle ribbing and teasing between me and Simon during filming, but all good gun – there haven’t been any divorce papers.”

The rival teams were guided by antiques experts Jonathan Pratt and Anita Manning.

Within the show, the teams purchase items to be sold for auction and the winner is the team which makes the biggest profit.

To discover which team won the challenge, click HERE to view the episode.

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