East Midlands: Golfer thanks life-savers after 18th hole heart attack

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Glyn Bishop of Rookery Park, Norfolk, saved by defibrillator.

A grandfather has paid tribute to the ‘amazing’ ambulance staff who helped save his life at a Norfolk golf club.

Glyn Bishop was just minutes from finishing his round at a competition at Gorleston when he collapsed just before the 18th green in November last year.

After making a recovery from the ordeal, the 70-year-old member of Rookery Park was able to say thank you to those who came to his aid.

“It is strange going back, but I can not remember anything that happened on the day,” he said. “It is a total blank.

“It is amazing to meet the ambulance staff, they are amazing people. I became very emotional and it was very difficult to meet them today.”

‘We definitely thought we had lost him’ Bishop’s fellow golfers on the day, Alan Bidwell, John Smith and Andy Crisp, were praised for performing effective CPR and contacting the emergency services when they realise he was not breathing and had no pulse.

Playing partner Smith said: “We definitely thought we had lost him. He had no sign of life at all and had no pulse. The ambulance staff were absolutely wonderful.”

When the emergency services arrived Bishop received five shocks from a defibrillator and adrenaline to get his heart beating.

He was then airlifted to hospital and student paramedic David Draper, who attended the incident, added: “It was the perfect chain of survival. As soon as it happened, someone was doing CPR and someone phoned the emergency services. He received early defibrillation, a paramedic gave adrenaline and he got rapid transport to hospital.”

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