East Midlands: Battle erupts at Delapre

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Club accused of starting work on site of 15th Century battle.

A Northamptonshire golf centre has been accused of causing damage to the site of a major battle in the War of the Roses.

Delapre has been warned that “any work must stop immediately” after it was alleged that work had begun on the site of the Battle of Northampton, a major conflict in the 15th Century.

Historian Mike Ingram, of Northampton Battlefields Society, snapped this picture of the site, and said: “This part of a registered battlefield of national importance.

“Considering the earlier advice, we are surprised that work may have been carried out.

“The problem is that the damage has now already been done.”

Delapre had applied for permission to construct a car park and adventure golf course on the site in 2012, but withdrew the plans when council officers instructed them that archaeological reports would have to be commissioned.

‘Damage has now already been done’
Following reports that work had suddenly begun on the site, Northampton councillor Tim Hadland said: “We met with the golf centre management following reports of unauthorised work being carried out near the clubhouse.

“We have told the golf centre that any work must stop immediately.

“The golf centre has been informed that any works will need planning permission and the golf centre has 14 days to submit the necessary paperwork for the council to consider.”

The battle was fought near Eagle Drive, where the Delapre’s clubhouse is sited, in the grounds of Delapre Abbey.

The Battlefields Trust and the Medieval Siege Society are hoping to work with the club to improve their knowledge of the battle and Ingram added: “The precise site of the Lancastrian camp is unknown and several theories as to where it was have been put forward. Only a flu archaeological survey will determine its exact location.”

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