Dustin Johnson often shows up to tournaments armed with a bag full of putters. Our gear expert explains why the 21-time PGA Tour champion likes to have options

Dustin Johnson is constantly tinkering with new putters but has upped the ante recently using three different putters in his last three starts on the PGA Tour.

He makes a frequent habit of turning up to tournaments with an arm full of flatsticks to try out…

So why is this?

Johnson has had great success with numerous styles of putters on tour, most recently the TaylorMade Spider. But according to the manufacturer he actually prefers the clean look and enhanced feel a blade offers.

Dustin Johnson

This leads to him testing numerous mallet and blade options each week, preferring the look of the blade but wanting the stability of the mallet.

It is this preference which was one of the main drivers behind the new Truss putter range as TaylorMade tried to offer a blade with the stability of a mallet.

The Truss hosel design creates multiple contact points on the topline of the putter. This reduces the amount of unsupported mass to improve stability at impact.

Dustin Johnson

“When I go back to my blade,” Johnson explains, “yes it swings great and I roll it good but on the shorter putts its real easy to hit them offline compared to bigger putters that are more stable.

On the Truss TB1, he adds: “But this feels really stable.”

The TaylorMade Truss TB1 putter that DJ now has in play is a heel-shafted blade with additional weight in the toe to counterbalance the Truss hosel.

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