Do you struggle with a left to right slice? Hitting it often into trouble on the right or sometimes hitting it out of bounds?

One of the most common things that happen when people slice the ball is that the club head is coming down and across the ball at the point of contact.

Get more consistent ball striking

In an effort to gain more power the body pushes the club on the outside and therefore creates an out to in swing path with an open club face, this sends the ball away from our intended target to the right.

In this video Ricky explains how our alignment and ball position need to be correct before we can improve our driving.

Our ball position should be in-line with our left instep (as a right handed player), doing so means the ball is not too far forward and set the club on the wrong swing path.

Improve your clutch putting with Andy Sullivan

We must not forget that our body must be parallel to the target line prior to engaging our swing.

Follow Ricky’s brilliant instructional tips to gain more yards and more control in your drives!