First impressions: We always look forward to a new equipment release from Titleist. But was the two year wait for the 915 metals going to be worth it? 

Looks wise, the 915 D2 driver isn’t hugely removed from the 913 version but the new technology is visible straight away which always adds to the excitement. 

At address, the D2 head has a classic look and ball alignment aid which can fill even the high handicappers with plenty of confidence. It has a nice rounded shape and is certainly big enough.


What they say: Having attended the 915 metals launch, it was clear to see that Titleist were very excited about the new product line. The active recoil channel on the sole helps to create ball speed and forgiveness right across the face. 

There is also a radial speed face which helps to add more yards to your drives. Titleist tour players such as Jordan Spieth, Alex Levy and Brooks Koepka are among those to taste victory with the new drivers in play.

A number of other brands were also quick to release new drivers following the 915 release in September which could have been due to an anticipated success of what is clearly a fantastic product.


NCG’s verdict: Fantastic penetrating ball flight with a sound as good as anything on the market. Superb forgiveness right across the face and when hit right out of the middle you are rewarded with excellent distance. 

It’s a top class performer for players of all abilities which is something Titleist haven’t always been known for.

The Titleist 915 D2 (not custom-fit) was already in my bag so it was going to take something special to replace it. After having my fitting, it just got even better. The only slight negative is the price tag but there’s no doubt you get what you pay for.


SRP: £379
Lofts: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 &12
Stock shafts: Adila Rogue Black 70, Diamana D+ White 70, S+ D60, M+ Red 50 & 40.
Adjustable?: Yes

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