Driver test results: TaylorMade R15 video review

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No gimmicks here - this technology really works

First impressions: There was a lot of excitement in the office when this product first arrived on the scene.

When we first started seeing white drivers on tour you immediately knew it was a TaylorMade product. Last year with the SLDR and Jet Speed drivers we saw a move away from the white and for me, this was a shame.

But with the R15 not only is it in white but it also includes some really cool new technology. 


What they say:  A new split-weight sliding system features on the sole which allows golfers to adjust two 12.5g weights for draw and fade bias or they can be split for maximum stability across the face.

The driver comes in a larger 460cc and a more compact 430cc model but both have lower and forward CG to promote higher launch and less spin.

In a marked difference from the SLDR, 75 per cent of the club’s mass is at the front (12mm closer than in the SLDR). There’s also 4° of loft adjustability in the shaft to dial in optimum launch conditions.


NCG verdict: In all honesty, when you made a good swing there was little to separate all the drivers in our test in terms of distance. However, when you really get hold of one with the R15 it probably goes further than anything else.

I was also impressed with the spin numbers as that’s something I’m always trying to keep down.

The double-weight slider lets opens up a range of settings and I found placing one towards the heel worked well for me. It’s easy to over experiment though and I’d recommend getting it dialled in via a custom fitting.

Dan was testing the 430 TP version with a Graphite Design DI-6 shaft which would take the overall cost up to £554. However he insisted that marrying of the head of the long-time leader in metal woods and one of the best shafts money can buy produced seriously impressive results.

The 430 head has a slightly deeper face and is more forgiving than the SLDR in Dan’s opinion, especially with the weights moved to either end of the rail.


There are no gimmicks with the R15 – the technology really works. Dan being slightly more traditional was disappointed the 430 version doesn’t come in a black head like the 460 model does.


R15 460
SRP: £369
Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 14°
Shafts: Fujikura Speeder 57/661 Evolution 
Adjustable?: Yes

R15 430
SRP: £369, TP: £419, £554 with Graphite Design DI-6 fitted for DM
Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°
Shafts: Fujikura Speeder 67/757 Evolution 
Adjustable?: Yes

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