Driver test results: Nike Vapor Flex video review

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Sophisticated feel and performance - great acoustics and ball flight

First impressions: The Nike Vapor range has been illuminating our lives ever since Rory McIlroy pulled his new driver out of the bag at the Ryder Cup.


But people shouldn’t take note because of the fluorescent ‘volt’ colouring on the Vapor range – the new technology and performance should be enough for people to take note and recognise Nike as a very serious player in the driver market.

The Flex sits in the middle of the Vapor driver range but has arguably the most unique technology with the FlightPod (which looks like an AA battery) in the sole.


The head shape of the Flex is quite compact, rounded and a little unconventional. The ‘swoosh’ on the crown could put some off but we think it looks cool.

What they say: The Vapor Flex features three key technologies – Nike’s new FlyBeam-reinforced covert cavity back design, a re-engineered compression channel and FlexLoft 2 which offers five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings.  
But what about the FlightPod?! Of course, the FlightPod is a RZN tube with a high-density weight on one end. 

By flipping it, you move the centre of gravity from low and forward to low and back (using the same wrench used to adjust the loft). This impacts launch angle, spin rate, forgiveness (increased in the mid setting) and workability (enhanced in the low setting).

Consider this if you value adjustability and like a driver that sounds solid. You will be able to dial in the flight NCG Verdict: This is Nike’s top-of-the-range and most adjustable of the Vapor drivers. I also hit the Pro version (which Rory uses), and both were hugely impressive. 

I think Nike are making a real breakthrough this year because – and if you don’t believe me then just hit the kit for yourself – the Vapor range is simply top-class. 

I love the acoustics of the Flex, which is deep and solid. It’s consistent too – I hit good drive after good drive, all with that high-launch, low-spinning flight that just eats up the yards.


SRP: £349.99 
Loft: 8.5-12.5˚ 
Stock shaft: Diamana S+ 60 
Adjustable? Yes

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