Di Dougherty meets: Mike Tindall

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Di speaks to the former England international and 2003 Rugby World Cup winner

When did you start playing golf?
When I joined Bath RFC. It wasn’t something I did when I was growing up but there was a massive golfing crew at the club so I joined in and loved it and have been playing ever since.

What is your handicap and where do you play?
My handicap is 14 and I play at my local club which is Minchinhampton. I am also a member at Manor House in Castle Combe and at Celtic Manor.

Favourite course?
I think the course I have enjoyed the most was Congressional.

What is the best thing about the sport?
You only need to hit one good shot to keep you coming back over and over again. No matter how bad you play, that one shot or one good hole is all you remember.

What is the strength to your game?
Probably my temperament, I don’t normally get too stressed when things aren’t going right.

My driving it can be a strength for me but also it’s probably my biggest weakness.

Who is your favourite golfer and why?
I really like most of the top Europeans out there at the moment but if I had to pick one it would be Poults. When he is properly revved up he is great to watch.

Will Tiger win another Major?
I think he will struggle. I would like to see it happen but I think the likes of Rory, Sergio, Fowler and Speith are just going to get even better.

Best rugby player you have played golf with?
That would probably be Nick Beal, he was playing off four back when he was playing for England and he was impressive.

Any similarities between rugby and golf?
I think being an individual sport makes it very different to rugby, along with the fact you get to hit people in rugby!

A golfing trip with the lads or a family holiday?
A family holiday obviously!

Does your mood change when playing golf?
The only time it may change is if I’m playing really well and then the wheels fall off – that’s always a little frustrating!

Friendliest professional golfer you have played with?
Lee Westwood.

Winner of the Masters next year? And the Open?
Sergio to win the Masters and McIlroy to win the Open.

Are you a winter golfer? Or fair-weather?
Mainly with rugby I was only a fair-weather golfer but now I don’t have those commitments I’m going to try and stay an all-year- round golfer.

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