When did you start playing golf?
Aged three on the nine-hole children’s course at Royal Troon. That was basically because golf was played by just about everybody in our family – and, in fact, by most people in Troon.

What is your current handicap?
Three, although I don’t play too much any more. I hack my way through the three minimum rounds to keep my handicap active, but I do still enjoy hitting balls when the weather permits. Even though I now live in Cheshire, I still play most of my golf when I get back to Troon.

What’s the best thing about your game?
I drive the the ball pretty well and my putting’s not too shabby either. Comfortably the worst thing about my game is my temperament and a generally pessimistic outlook.

Favourite course in Scotland?
One of my favourites is not 18 holes, it’s certainly not a design classic, but it’s in a stunning location, Corrie on the Isle of Arran.

Favourite thing about golf?
I like what it teaches you about yourself and about life. The quest for perfection without actually getting there.

Who is the best golfer of the BBC commentators?
Mark James would probably be the best as he still plays competitively, although there’s no doubt that Ken Brown could still knock it around pretty usefully.

Finally, am I your favourite female co-presenter?!
I’d have to say you’re right up there in my top-50 female co-presenters. Called Di. Who play golf!