South African Dean Burmester is in contention for a second European Tour title just days after being involved in a four-car pile up

This was the state of Dean Burmester’s car on Wednesday night in Dubai as he, his wife and their four-year-old son Jordan were returning from a trip to the aquarium. Two days later and the South African is in contention at the Desert Classic.

“Yeah it was pretty hectic,” the South African explained. “We went to the aquarium and on our way back we took an Uber to the hotel. There was traffic on the other side of a blind rise and our Uber driver was just too slow and so we went into the back of a Porsche and then we ricocheted onto another car, but luckily we’re all OK.”

The winner of 2017 Tshwane Open added: “We’re just bruised and battered and a little bit sore. A slight ankle problem but nothing too serious. And my wife’s got quite bad whiplash but other than that we’re surviving and just happy to be here.”

And after two opening rounds of 69-68 around the toughened up Majilis course he explained that it’s actually helped him to keep things in perspective.

“The major difference is probably my mental attitude towards it. After the car accident you realise what’s important in life and I think I was taking golf a little too seriously, so I just kind of relaxed and looked at the family and we’re kind of just enjoying our time, so that’s been the biggest difference.”

Burmester went on to finish in a tie for 3rd after shooting 72 on both weekend days.