A game always has two parts – the physical part and the mental part. Even when a top-class player is not mentally prepared, he might end up doing moon shots. Mental preparation to the oncoming pressure is a key factor in achieving success, be it a golfer, an examiner, an essay writer or even a stuntman.

What Is Pressure?

You might already be familiar with phrases from motivational speakers like “Pressure? What is that? Something for my car tire?”

However, the harsh truth is that even that motivational speaker feels the pressure. He is just good at handling it. Be it a speech you are giving in front of your peers, or playing a golf match on the course. You will feel pressure. It is natural to feel it because the pressure heightens your senses, speeds up your heartbeat and generally makes you more ready for the fight or flight reflex.

So, do not ignore the pressure, rather, embrace it and use it to your benefit!

Here are some strategies for dealing with pressure and might help you to get the job done:

Commit Before The Game

Before the game, you must have a firm commitment in place because once the chaos of the game takes over, you could otherwise fall apart. You must go along with the commitment you made because having one in the first place is an important step in handling the pressure.

The best way to go ahead with the commitments to put it in writing. Writing something down makes you remember it much more clearly than just thinking or saying it aloud. So, you are more likely to follow your pre-round commitment if you have put it in writing.

Accept The Pressure As A Natural Thing

As mentioned before, everyone feels the pressure. Some people are just better at handling it than others.

The key to success is keeping on playing even with the discomfort.

Do not be afraid of the pressure, because it is the fear that can mess up your concentration.

Be Prepared To Accept The Worst

Murphy’s Law says that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. However, it does not mean that you have to accept a pessimistic way of looking at life to deal with pressure. The magic of probability is that even though something can go wrong, it can also go right.

Life will go on no matter if you achieve success or failure in the endeavor. Take it in stride and look forward to tomorrow. A positive attitude in life can help you mitigate the pressure.

Keep Everything Simple

There is a term called “Occam’s Razor” which states that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one. The same applies to plans because the simplest of plans are easier to stick to and will get you the correct result.

Simple plans can help you keep your mind in one place and will help you blot out the confusing technical noise. It will keep you focused in the game.

So keeping it simple means keeping the pressure minimum.

End Words

The source of pressure is trying to predict a future that we have no control over.

Our mind is always busy trying to predict the future. But keep in mind that whatever we predict does not have to come true. This uncertainty causes mental pressure.

So focus on what really matters in the present to calm your mind and deal with the pressure.