Day to remain on medication for the whole of 2016

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PGA champion hit by vertigo at St Andrews

The sight of Jason Day collapsing to the ground with vertigo at Chambers Bay was one of the more frightening sights of 2015 and he revealed in Hawaii this week that the battle is ongoing – and that it came back at the Open at St Andrews the following month.

The Aussie somehow finished 9th at the US Open, came up one shot short at St Andrews before going on an incredible run of WIN (Canada) – T12- WIN (PGA) – WIN (Barclays) – T12 – WIN (BMW) – T10.

Deadly Day claims first Major title

And all while still on medication for the vertigo, something that will continue to the end of 2016.

“It came back, but I didn’t tell anyone about it because it would be a lot more questions that would happen, and it wasn’t as severe,” Day said.

“I was a little dizzy that day, and it happened the Saturday of the Open Championship. I just kept my mouth shut about it because I knew that it would open another can of worms, and I didn’t want to talk about it. But since then, I’ve been fine. I’ve been making sure that I’m staying on top of it and you can’t control it. It will come back whenever it wants to.”

Day also revealed that he took cortisone in Scotland, as well as around 25 pills, before undergoing a series of eye tests when the season had died down.

“That seemed to come back pretty good, so we’re on medication for another year and then we’re off.”

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