David Leadbetter and Lydia Ko have been working together since 2013. Eyebrows were raised at the time but Ko has gone on to become the world number one and a multiple major winner.

We caught up with the pair at Leadbetter’s academy at Champions Gate in Florida and were given exclusive behind the scenes access to one of their sessions.

One of the drills Leadbetter gets Ko to work on involves the use of a pilates ring.

It may sound simple but there’s plenty of theory related to the golf swing behind it.


Leadbetter insists the ring helps Ko to separate the upper and lower parts of her body to create resistance and coil – key things to gaining more power.

It also helps Ko to solidify her lower body to drive down and hit the ball a bit further.

Leadbetter says Ko has already picked up a few yards off the tee since working this drill into her routine.

David Leadbetter has coached players to 19 Major Championship titles and over 100 individual worldwide tournament victories.

Today, David remains a stern voice in golf instruction and continues to coach several top PGA, LPGA and European Tour players, including Lydia Ko.

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