Gary McCord recalls the time his colleague David Feherty followed through before interviewing Tiger Woods on a particularly hot day on the PGA Tour

You don’t have to look too far to find stories of breaking wind that involve David Feherty and Tiger Woods but in a podcast with’s Subpar, Feherty’s sidekick Gary McCord revealed that he took things quite a bit further at the Wells Fargo.

On a particularly hot day at Quail Hollow CBS Golf were taking a commercial break and in a routine check Feherty did his usual trick of checking in by putting his microphone in the vicinity of his back passage before audibly letting in rip.

But on this occasion it would be followed by a telltale ‘uh oh’. McCord, from the booth behind the 16th green, could then make out his colleague leave the tee in a particularly awkward fashion, now dressed in waterproofs despite the temperatures being in three figures before peeling off to the relative comfort of the trees.

Ever the prankster, McCord would proceed to ask Feherty what sort of club Tiger had in for his approach and subsequently his putt despite Feherty having not yet moved from his position in the woods.

At the conclusion of the round, which likely took place in 2009, Feherty went to scuttle up back to the clubhouse, only to be informed by his producer that he might want to have a word with Woods.

McCord explains: “So Lance (Barrow) goes, ‘David, I want you to stay down there and get an interview from Tiger.’ He stops, his shoulders slump and walks back to Tiger. Now, the cameraman locks the camera on the three guys.

“We’ve got Tiger in the middle, we’ve got Stevie (Williams) over here, who’s at best 1 and 1A [with Feherty] as far as flatulence, and we’ve got (Feherty) over here, who was sitting there with his microphone in his hands and his shoulders curled.”

And then the moment that you probably hoped would never come to pass in your career, when it dawns on Tiger Woods that you’ve soiled yourself.

“All of a sudden, you see Tiger (sniffing). He turns to Stevie and he goes, ‘You didn’t!’ And Stevie goes, ‘I didn’t do it!’ He turns to David, and as soon as he looks at David, David goes, ‘I sh** myself on 15.’ Tiger jumped up in the air!

“David goes to put the mic in Tiger’s [face] and [he’s] running – he’s getting away from it. So David’s trying to get the mic, and Tiger’s running that way because the stench is so bad. It was hilarious to watch. We cut and went somewhere else.”