Chunking your wedges? Find out how to fix that

Nobody likes chunking a wedge shot. Elite coach Dan Whittaker has a tip to help eliminate it from your game

A part of the game you need to work on in order to score well is everything inside 100 yards. Do you find yourself getting into good positions around the greens and then end up chunking wedge shots because you’re hitting the ground way before the ball?

I have a few tips for you to follow to eradicate this from your game and become more confident with a wedge in your hand…

Stop chunking wedge shots: The main points

Two of the main problems are that you are attacking the ball too steep, and you are moving your weight backwards through the swing. When you sway through the ball it will make strike really inconsistent and with wedges you always want to have a really stable base.

chunking wedge shots

To try and fix this you need to try and match your arms and body together. What that means is that you have one consistent simple movement and you don’t have your body weight further back when your arms are straight down at the ball.

For more tips on how to stop chunking wedge shots, watch my video…

Dan Whittaker is an elite golf swing and performance coach based at High Legh. For more information, visit his website or click here for more advice.