Elite golf coach Dan Whittaker takes us through a few simple tips and explains how to stop hooking the ball with your driver

You’ve hopefully watched my video on how to generate more power with your driver. Now I want to talk to you about how to stop hooking the ball off the tee.

How to stop hooking the ball: Main points

There’s a couple of reasons this is happening. One is that the clubface is too closed at impact and is way to far left relative to your path.

The second is that you can get stuck underneath. What that means is you get too much in to out which creates the extra curvature.

So how do you fix these two faults? Well I have a couple of great tips that will help you eradicate the dreaded hook from your game. Watch the full video below to find out how.

Dan Whittaker is an elite golf swing and performance coach based at High Legh. For more information, visit his website or click here for more advice.