There aren't many things more frustrating than a three putt. Elite golf coach Dan Whittaker has a tip to help you eliminate them from your game

Are you a solid golfer from tee to green but when you end up on the putting surface your game falls to pieces? Are you a regular three putter? I have a couple of key points I’d like you to put into practice and I’m certain that will have you stop three putting in no time.

Stop three putting: The main points

I would urge everyone who struggles with putting to download a free metronome app onto your mobile phone. This is ideal for practising because you can set it to what pace you want and that gives you a good base for bringing the club back and through within the two beats.

I always set mine between 92 and 96 beats per minute. It allows you to get a feel what the tempo feels like.

A great drill for holing out is the compass drill. You can set this at any distance you want but to help stop three putting setting this drill at three feet is ideal.

You will have four putts with different breaks. If you can become better at holing out from three feet with a variation of slopes you will certainly be able to help you stop three putting on a more regular basis.

Stop three putting

Watch the video for my full breakdown of how to stop three putting…

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