Elite coach Dan Whittaker has some advice on when to use a low pitch shot and the best way to execute it

In the latest episode of his instruction series, elite coach and YouTube star Dan Whittaker met with NCG’s Tom Irwin at Trump International Golf Links to take him through when and how you would play the low pitch shot.

The low impact location due to the tight lie on the fairway means that the ball will come fast off the face.

This will create a high spin rate and in windy conditions you don’t really want the ball to be getting too much into the air.

It would be a good idea in this circumstance to take a less lofted club. This will mean that you can keep the ball under the wind but still will be able to create the spin you need to control the ball as it takes the first bounce on the green.

Watch the full video above to get more tips from Dan.

The key points you need to follow to be able to execute the shot are: