It's easy to get set in your ways when it comes to club selection off the tee but there's always variables to consider. Elite coach Dan Whittaker shares his tips

Improving your on course strategy is an easy route to better golf. Even when playing at your home club, take into account all the factors and pick the best option for that day. Check out my video where I share some simple course management tips that’ll give you a good starting point…

Course management tips: Tee shot strategy

When deciding what strategy to deploy off any given tee, it’s best to analyse from the green backwards. This will allow you to separate the hole into sections.

So ask yourself where positions you best to approach the green while reducing the likelihood of finding trouble.

On the hole we’re on, I’ve got three club options for Andy – driver, 3-wood, and 3-iron – so watch the video and find out which is best for this shot and why…

This instruction video was filmed at Lumine Golf Club, host venue of the 2019 European Tour Qualifying School. For more information, visit their website.

Dan Whittaker is an elite golf swing and performance coach based at High Legh. For more information, visit his website or click here for more advice. 

Dan Whittaker

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