This article, written by Harriet Shephard, was published on this website on January 23, 2018. The basis of the article made a series of inaccurate, misleading and false comments about Cottrell Park Golf Resort for which sincerely apologises.

The article suggested that it was the resort which organised the competition which was the subject of Ms Roberts’ motion.

In fact, the competition was arranged by Cottrell Park Members Association (“CPMA”). CPMA is an entirely separate entity to Cottrell Park. It was formed by the Resort’s members and is autonomous.

Cottrell Park is aware that CPMA arranges its own competitions which are generally arranged into male, female and mixed competitions. The traditional weekly ladies’ competitions are held on a Thursday and men’s competitions are held on a Saturday. As there are two courses at the Resort, the men’s competitions do not stop ladies from playing at the Resort on a Saturday. Ladies are free to arrange their own competitions on a Saturday if they choose to do so.

Likewise, men are not prevented from playing on a Thursday.

The article also suggested that the Resort operates sexist and/or out-dated policies. This is untrue. All of Cottrell Park’s policies conform to the Equality Act 2010.

We at are happy to set the record straight and have removed the article from our website.